Bits N’ Bricks Season 3 Episode 37 – The Surreal History of LEGO Galidor Including Ong’s Hat Segments

The awesome backstory about Galidor with a short history of the Ong’s Hat Project.

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How a LEGO® game console, sci-fi TV show, limb-swapping action figures, and trip to another dimension gave birth to the beloved LEGO toy flop Galidor.

00:00:00 – Prologue

00:00:39 – Bits N’ Bricks: Introduction

00:01:15 – EP37:The Surreal History of the LEGO Galidor TV Show, Game Console, and Action Figures [YouTube only]

00:02:22 – Chapter 1: Project Genesis and Action Figures

00:09:20 – Chapter 2: Kek Powerizer 00:19:17 – Chapter 3: Tom Lynch and the Galidor TV Show

00:27:14 – Chapter 4: An Interactive Website and Alternate Reality Games

00:32:49 – Chapter 5: Ong’s Hat

00:46:55 – Chapter 6: Initial Reception

00:54:24 – Chapter 7: The Video Game

01:02:25 – Chapter 8: Conclusion

01:10:08 – Chapter 9: Season Break Announcement

01:11:37 – Bits N’ Bricks: Credits A written feature and transcript of the entire episode are available at

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