Tales of Weird NJ: Bovine, Bigfoot & Frogs

Paul Giamatti and friends discuss weird New Jersey stories and give some props to Ong’s Hat. Recorded live from the (possibly haunted) Marines’ Memorial Theatre in San Francisco at @SFSketchfest 2024 with special guest, comedian, writer, and host of the Beautiful/Anonymous podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast…, Chris Gethard. Chris heard about a lot of brushes with the paranormal… Continue reading Tales of Weird NJ: Bovine, Bigfoot & Frogs

133 — Joseph Matheny Interview: Ong’s Hat & The Alchemy of Alternative Realities

A great conversation I had with the guys from The Long Seventies Podcast Show page: https://www.thelongseventiespodcast.com/home/2024/2/15/133-joseph-matheny-interview-ongs-hat-amp-the-alchemy-of-alternative-realities

VYS0036 | Infinite Game – Vayse to Face with Joseph Matheny

vayse podcast Show link: https://www.vayse.co.uk/vys0036 Some rare art transcends reality, some even rarer art seems to create a new reality altogether – the work of Joseph Matheny does both of these things while embracing the trickster spirit inherent in the magickal traditions in which his work has its roots. Joseph talks to Hine and Buckley about… Continue reading VYS0036 | Infinite Game – Vayse to Face with Joseph Matheny

Portal a lo desconocido

Portal a lo desconocido description Link to show: https://www.ivoox.com/portal-a-lo-desconocido-audios-mp3_rf_124087690_1.html Descubre cómo un simple libro polvoriento en la biblioteca de una universidad desencadenó una investigación que llevó a un viaje interdimensional de descubrimiento y aventura. Acompáñanos mientras exploramos los experimentos audaces, los científicos visionarios y los secretos enterrados bajo las ruinas de ONG’s Hat. Pero la… Continue reading Portal a lo desconocido

Exploring Ong’s Hat

A mystery inside a mystery. FROM CHASING SHADOWS FEB 2, 2024 Quietly nestled near the middle of New Jersey, Ong’s Hat(or sometimes just “Ong”) is about 45 minutes from the Pennsylvania border to the east or 45 minutes from Seaside Heights to the west. There aren’t any big towns or remarkable landmarks near Ong’s Hat.… Continue reading Exploring Ong’s Hat