Penny Royal:Season Two, Episode Eleven: Road To Nowhere

Where are these roads leading us? Are they leading us to answers to the Penny Royal mystery? More circles, cycles, and loops. The manifestation of the ouroboros, and the realization that we need to let go of the wheel and let the car drift…

Special guests featured in this episode are Joshua Madera, David Metcalfe, Darragh Mason, Stephanie Quick, Matthew Byrd, Marco Visconti, Rowan Elizabeth Cabrales, and Dan Dutton. Penny Royal is produced and written by its host, Nathan Paul Isaac. Associate producers are Darian West and Kyle Kadel. Edited by Boone Williams. Soundtrack by Phillip Claunch. Sponsored by Jarfly Brewing Company and the International Paranormal Museum and Research Center.

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Ong’s Hat piece around 1:13:25