They Invented Something Dangerous In This Cabin…

There have been many accounts of people finding portals to another world all over the world. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not so much. Today, we’ll look at the story of Ong’s hat, this may just be some of the most well-known cases of interdimensional travel we know to date. And the people involved have never been found since.

Situated in Pemberton Township, Burlington County, New Jersey, if you dare to venture further in, you may find yourself in Ong’s Hat. Don’t be deceived by the desolate looks of Ong’s Hat, because this once was a bustling little town in the 1860s.

People traveled far and wide to get a taste of their booze and watch drunk people stumbled all over the place.

By the 1980s, the place was no longer as lively as it once was. The descendants of those who first settled at Ong’s Hat have long since moved on to other places where jobs were more abundant and wealth was easier to achieve.

There in the middle of nowhere, Ong’s Hat fell into disrepair.

Everything, the houses, the pub, the paved road, were all torn apart. The material is used to build something else, somewhere else. What was left was a single shed.

This shed was not just any shed. It hid a very dark secret.

Imagine, waking up one day and seeing a pamphlet by your front door. You put on your reading glasses and it says “Ong’s Hat, gateway to the dimensions”.

That’s exactly what many people woke up to find one day.

Further analysis reveals that the paper was published by the Institute of Chaos Studies and Moorish Science Ashram.

The pamphlet explained that the land was sacred to the Moorish science ashram, which was founded in 1978.

It’s at this lone cabin at Ong’s Hat that a group of scientists would make a breakthrough. They have never been seen since.

Join me as we dive into this enigmatic story of Ong’s Hat.